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Regenerative Medicine with allograft options can be a great alternative to traditional medicine such as steroid injections or medications. Research for joint injections or wound care therapy is promising. It can also be a more convenient treatment option for both the physician and the patient as products are shipped on an as-needed basis rather than obtaining product through a procedure or blood draw.

There is a large variety of allograft treatment products and applications. Some of these therapies are new to the market and others have been around for decades. APEX Biologix continually vets and tests new products to give our customers the best allograft product catalog in the market. As we receive regulation guidance and new research is published, we will adapt our product offering accordingly.

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Amnio Membrane Patch

Amniotic membrane patch is a dehydrated human amnion-derived membrane with intact extracellular matrix that provides structural tissue and an environment for soft tissue reconstruction and regeneration. Used as a wound covering biologic dressing in a broad range of clinical applications.


  • AMA – 1X2 – 1cm x 1cm
  • AMA – 2X2 – 2cm x 2cm
  • AMA – 2X4 – 2cm x 4cm
  • AMA – 4X6 – 4cm x 6cm
  • AMA – 7X15 – 7cm x 15cm

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