Regenerative Medicine Training Courses

Regenerative medicine is a way of helping to promote healing of damaged tissue by enabling the body to regenerate new tissue to replace what has been damaged or lost. It is distinctly different in that it promotes actual healing rather than simply treating the symptoms of injury or disease through medication and medical devices.

Though regenerative medicine is not a new concept, it has not enjoyed widespread adoption in the U.S. over the past few decades. Things are changing, though. Every day, more doctors and medical clinics are coming to realize that regenerative medicine is not only helpful for all sorts of diseases, congenital issues and trauma, but it also promises to be an important part of the future of medicine globally.

What We Offer at Apex

What We Offer at Apex

Apex Biologix is on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine today, providing clinicians the training opportunities that will allow them to begin offering new services in their offices. Our current course offerings include both orthopedics and aesthetics presented at various locations around the country.

Our orthopedic training course is led by a team of medical experts with extensive knowledge of regenerative medicine applied to injuries, disease, etc. This is a hands-on course complete with live demonstrations involving real patients. Training also includes strategies for effectively marketing your services to patients.

Training in aesthetic procedures involves learning how to make use of platelet rich plasma therapy and dermal fillers to treat a broad range of conditions including acne, acne scars, age-related wrinkles, and other cosmetic issues. Like our orthopedic training, aesthetic training also includes effective marketing strategies.

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Training for Your Patients

Training with Apex Biologix is just the first step in helping your patients through the exciting new breakthroughs now being developed in regenerative medicine. It is also the most important step.

The services you offer patients will only be as good as the training you receive, so your training has to come from an organization with a trusted reputation for quality. Apex Biologix is that organization.

We partner with Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) and sponsor training in various locations throughout the country including New York, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Chicago. Some courses are single day events while others require a two-day commitment. For more information about training with ARMI, please contact If you are looking to expand your practice and develop new revenue streams, you cannot afford to not consider regenerative medicine.

Learn about regenerative medicine and how to successfully incorporate regenerative medicine into your practice.

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