Research in Regenerative Medicine

There are several exciting emerging forms of regenerative injection therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Autologous Stem Cell therapy are used as non-surgical alternatives to treat orthopedic and other painful conditions using the patient’s own cells. Years of research has proven the efficacy of regenerative injection therapies such as PRP and stem cell and hundreds of studies are currently underway to further strengthen the findings.

The third option for regenerative injection therapy is the use of placental tissue-derived allograft that provides a structural matrix to facilitate tissue regeneration. The unique biologic structure of placental tissue provides a rich source of proteins, cytokines and growth factors. This abundant source of collagen provides an extracellular matrix to act as a natural scaffold for cellular attachment, providing clinical benefit to the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide business support to help you build your regenerative medicine business and educational webinars to ensure you develop the skills you need to successfully implement these therapies in your practice. We can also provide you access to our medical team who work within the regenerative medicine industry. Their purpose is to provide guidance and answer any questions once you’ve become and APEX Biologix client.

 Our centrifuges are manufactured to use specifically with our kits. They are designed to add precision to each kit system providing optimal results for patients.

It is critical to market these cutting-edge treatments to the right demographic in order to grow your patient base and build your practice. APEX Biologix provides complimentary business materials and support to get you started and can connect you with our marketing partners when you’re ready to implement a more strategic marketing approach.

Each treatment price varies depending on the treatment type, location, and regenerative medicine supplies needed. Please call our team for specifics on procedure costs, 844-897-4910

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