Stem Cells. The Miracle.

Stem Cells. The Miracle.

The use of stem cell treatments is becoming increasingly popular. 


People with conditions like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and cerebral palsy. The results of these stem cell treatments seem magical. Some patients even consider their healing a miracle. Could these miraculous stem cells heal the blind? I’d say give it a few more years.

Steve was diagnosed with cerebral palsy over six years ago and started looking into stem cell treatments.

What he found was that these stem cell treatments were being performed on people with his same conditions. After more research into stem cells and regenerative therapies, Steve took a risk and flew to Bangkok to receive treatment. Here’s what he had to say,

“It’s been three months and I have noticed increased spasticity of my hands and now I’m able to keep my fingers in a fixed position. It’s still early, but the changes I have seen in the last few months have given me hope once again. I hope to live a long and normal life. Thanks for all your help and support. I love you guys for giving me a new lease on life.”

The “guys” Steve is referring to in his statement are the clinicians and physicians at Regeneration Center of Thailand. The center has been performing stem cell therapy treatments on a variety of different conditions and is making progress in discovering the most effective treatments.


Unfortunately, because of the strict regulations on stem cell treatments here in the United States, we haven’t made as much progress. So far, stem cell treatments in the U.S. mainly consist of relieving acute and chronic pain conditions. It’s not as cool as stem cell treatments for MS in other parts of the world, but we are seeing more and more success stories as physicians master these techniques. Regenerative medicine continues to be a very popular subject in advanced medicine techniques. So we should expect to hear many more of these miracle stories as time goes on.

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