Stem cells role in regenerative medicine

What Role Do Stem Cells Play in Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is an area that includes many fields of medicine and science, including stem cells.

Stem cells have proven to have a critical role in regenerative medicine and science continues to include more advances as studies continue to provide beneficial outcomes. Advances throughout biologics medicine show great potential to assist with pain management, treatment of acute injuries, and allow for a higher quality of life without surgery. 

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells have the ability to develop into other varieties of beneficial cells within the body. These unique cells do not have specific functions in the body, but they serve a major role in repairing the body as they can adapt to become more specialized cells like blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, etc. Stem cells offer an alternative solution to aggressive medical procedures; especially when there is a need for tissue and organ transplantation. Their capacity to differentiate into the specific cell types makes them a unique opportunity for repair of different diseased tissues.

What is Their Role in Regenerative Medicine?

Stem cells can be considered the building blocks for the body and are useful at promoting and triggering repair responses of cells that are dysfunctional, injured, or diseased. All of these regenerative medicine procedures are an area of science to focuses on methods and research used to revive or replace damaged/dying cells. Because of this great potential, many studies in regenerative medicine research are looking into how stem cells can benefit even more areas of the body through cell regrowth.

Scientists are excited to continue exploring stem cell therapy in multiple areas of healthcare; including the treatment of pain, tissue regeneration, and opportunities to avoid surgery. 

In one recent study, stem cell therapy showed promising results in the management of neuropathic, discogenic back, osteoarthritis, and musculoskeletal pain. Because it isn’t a one size fits all area of medicine, pain management has been continuously studied over the years and this study shows promise to regenerate damaged cells at a reasonably fast rate with long term benefits to patients. 

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