Which PRP Kit is Right For You?



Single Spin

Absolute (544E) – Single Spin 5 min Solution
The GenesisCS Platelet and Bone Marrow Concentrating Systems has been greatly improved. They are now the fastest and most e cient 60mL concentrating systems available. Prepare 7mL of PRP or BMC, with high concentrations of regenerative cells, in a SINGLE 5 MINUTE SPIN.

These systems were designed to accommodate physicians that run a busy practice and mandate superior performance outcomes that are consistent and reliable.

The key to the 544E Concentrating System is the new ClearVUE Conical Piston, designed to greatly improve the collection of the cell concentrate bu y coat layer. The deep conical design perfectly directs the collection of the cell concentrate bu ycoat with accurate red cell integration. This provides quality platelet rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate with near perfect collection yields.

Double Spin

The Pure PRP II System is revolutionary. It is the only tabletop point of care system in its class to provide platelet concentrations that far exceed leading brands, all in less than 10 minutes of processing. Pure PRP II is the most versatile point of care system, allowing physicians to quickly attain a cell preparation of their choosing.

Protocol A processes Pure PRP with less than 1% of red blood cells and 99% neutrophil free. This protocol is used when powerful healing with mild in ammatory activity is required at the application site. This protocol has also been reported to reduce the potential for pain at the application site. It is the most frequently used protocol.

  • Low In ammatory PRP – High Platelet Count
  • Low Granulocyte
  • Low Viscosity
  • Less than 1% HCT

Protocol B processes Pure PRP with
low red blood cell counts. This protocol is used when the phagocytic powers of neutrophils are needed to help the infectious process at the application site.This protocol produces the highest chemoattractant activity and signi cantly increases the regeneration potential.

  • Infection-Fighting PRP with Increased Cytokines – Higher Platelet Count
  • High Neutrophil Granulocytes
  • Moderate Viscosity
  • HCT Less than 20%

Protocol A that is leucocyte poor, 99% neutrophil free can be used for where you do not want red cells. e.g. pain management, joint injections, facial injections.
Protocol B that is neutrophil rich can be used in areas where you want macrophage process. e.g. wound care, wound debridement.