Precise and Effective PRP Systems for Cutting-Edge Practices

Our primary mission at Apex Biologix is one of providing our customers with the latest regenerative medicine equipment and supplies to keep them at the cutting edge of one of the most exciting and promising areas of modern medicine. Our inventory of equipment and supplies includes FDA-registered Class II PRP kits.

Our XCELL PRP kits are exceptional in their ability to maximize platelet count through a unique design that reduces total processing time and mitigates the risk of human error. Our system can produce both leukocyte-rich and leukocyte-poor PRP utilizing a variety of centrifuge systems, including some Eppendorf models.

Why is this important? Because a 2012 review of platelet-rich plasma preparations showed a lack of consistency among clinicians. Review author Dr. Rachita Dhurat found that the many PRP systems now on the market “differ widely in their ability to collect and concentrate platelets depending on the method and time of its centrifugation.” He went on to conclude that “each laboratory must standardize its protocol.”

Higher Platelet Concentration

Numerous studies have shown that platelet-rich plasma can be utilized as an effective treatment for:

It has been our experience that higher concentrations of PRP lend themselves better to higher concentrations of bioactive compounds. An XCELL PRP product test performed by Intermountain Healthcare laboratories in Salt Lake City, UT independently confirmed the following results from a 60ML kit size with an average PRP volume of 6.25mL:

  • Platelet concentration up to 9x baseline
  • Average platelet count of 1,213,000/ul
  • Over 7.5 billion platelets in a single dose

Cost-Effective PRP Treatments

Insurance companies do not cover PRP treatments at this time. As such, both you and your patients need a cost-effective treatment option. Our PRP kits make that possible. We understand the challenges of increased medical supply costs and the effect they have on patient out-of-pocket expenditures. We offer a reasonably priced PRP system that still gives you high concentrations of bioactive material for maximum healing effect.

Faster and Easier Processing

In addition to keeping costs in check, we make ease-of-use a priority. Thanks to our patented processing accessories, you can now easily capture the buffy coat with consistently accurate and reproducible results. At the same time, you can do so faster than ever before. Overall processing time is quicker, thanks to the fewer steps required by our system.


High-Quality PRP Processing

You do not have to accept low-quality processing in order to save money and keep your costs in check. When you choose PRP kits from Apex Biologix, you are choosing high-quality kits. You are choosing kits that deliver 6.5 ml of PRP with a platelet concentration of 7-9 times baseline without costing a small fortune. Apex Biologix PRP kits are the ideal solution whether you are new to regenerative medicine or have been practicing for years.

Interested in learning more? Contact our sales department at your leisure.

NOTE: APEX Biologix is the device manufacturer for XCELL PRP kits. These PRP kits are registered with the FDA under the 510K number, BK180252. They are assembled in the USA and are compliant with ISO 13485 standards, which exceed the FDA’s requirements. All sterilization is EO and performed by Sterigenics, in the U.S., under the approved device-specific validation.

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