PRP Kits

Finally, a Precise & Effective PRP System at a Fair Price

In a mission to save our clients time and money, APEX Biologix has partnered with Integra Life Sciences to produce a convenience tray to process platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Our PRP kits are revolutionary in its ability to maximize platelet count in such an affordable and easy-to-use system. This system has a specialized device that helps shorten total processing time and reduces human error in the processing steps to maximize platelet concentration numbers. Our PRP system can produce both leukocyte-rich and leukocyte-poor PRP and works in a variety of centrifuge systems, including many Eppendorf models.

High Concentration Levels

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) products differ both qualitatively, e.g. the presence or absence of leukocytes, and quantitatively, including platelet concentration leukocyte differential and the concentration of bioactive compounds.

An XCELL PRP product test performed by Intermountain Healthcare laboratories in Salt Lake City, UT independently confirmed the following results from a 60ML kit size with an average PRP volume of 6.25mL.

• Platelet Concentration up to 9x Baseline
• Average Platelet Count of 1,213,000/ul
• Over 7.5 Billion Platelets in a Single Dose

Designed with You in Mind

Apex Biologix understands the challenges of increased medical supply costs and a patient’s desire to receive quality care at an affordable cost. Our PRP system was designed to deliver on those needs. No longer do you have to choose between a low-cost PRP system with low concentration numbers and an overpriced system.

Ease of Use

Using our patented processing accessories, you can easily capture the buffy coat through a convenient push method. The buffy coat layer and easier-to-read markings on the kit allow a user to accurately obtain reproducible results consistently. Overall processing time is quicker, has fewer steps than most systems on the market, and fits into many centrifuge systems.


Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Our PRP system provides the best value in the marketplace, delivering 6.5 ml of PRP with a platelet concentration of 7-9 times baseline. Whether you’re just starting PRP therapy or have been practicing this for years, our affordable system is a smart business decision. Contact our sales team today to learn more.

APEX Biologix has partnered with Integra LifeSciences (ILS), large multi-national device manufacturer and packager, to produce these PRP kits. The PRP concentrating device itself is registered under APEX Biologix’s Establishment Registration, while the co-branded kit is registered under ILS. Integra assembles their medical kits, in the United States, compliant with ISO 13485 standards, which exceed FDA’s requirements. All sterilization is EO and performed by Sterigenics, in the US, under the approved device-specific validation.

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