60ml and 120ml Kit

Leukocyte-Enriched Platelet-Rich Plasma

XCELL PRP 60ml and 120ml Kit

Apex Biologix understands the challenges of increased medical supply costs and a patient’s desire to receive quality care at an affordable cost. XCELL PRP was designed to deliver on those needs. No longer do you have to choose between a low-cost PRP system with low concentration numbers and an overpriced system.

Ease of Use

Using our patented processing accessories (lead screw, benchtop processing station) you can easily capture the buffy coat through a convenient push method. The buffy coat layer and easier-to-read markings on the kit allow a user to accurately obtain reproducible results consistently. Overall processing time is quicker, has fewer steps than most systems on the market, and fits into many centrifuge systems.

Kit Includes

  • 2 – Syringe 60cc (Luer Lock)
  • 1 – Needle 18G X 1″
  • 1 – Syringe 12cc (Luer Lock)
  • 1 – Luer, 45-degree bent dispensing tip
  • 1 – APEX P60A concentrating device
  • 1 – APEX P60A cap
  • 4 – Alcohol prep pad – non-sterile solution
  • 5 – Gauze sponge 4 X 4-8 ply
  • 2 – Adhesive bandage
  • 1 – Latex free tourniquet
  • 1 – Absorbent towel
  • 2 – Glassine bag
  • 1 – Hospital wrap
  • 1 – Header bag
  • 1 – Medium powder-free synthetic glove latex free
  • 1 – Yellow face mask earloops
  • 3 – Universal male/female non-vented cap
  • 1 – Male luer cap
  • 4 – White blank label
  • 1 – PCDA
  • 1 – Anticoagulant

An industry leader, we are dedicated to the science and research of regenerative medicine and its potential by supplying physicians with the best products on the market to treat their patients.

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