APEX Biologix expands its XCELL product line to include a bone marrow concentration

APEX Biologix expands its XCELL product line to include a bone marrow concentration

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 23, 2019 – APEX Biologix is proud to introduce an exciting new bone marrow concentration device designed to maximize mesenchymal total nucleated cell (MSC) numbers from bone marrow aspirate.

 XCELL BMC is the newest development in APEX’s comprehensive catalog of regenerative medicine products. The kit is designed to recover a high percentage of total nucleated white blood cells, including mesenchymal total nucleated cells and progenitors, from centrifuged bone marrow aspirate in a one-step process with minimal
sterile breaks.

APEX spoke to hundreds of physicians about what they would like to see in a BMC system. Using this information, APEX worked with PhDs and engineers to develop XCELL BMC. Preliminary results indicate a recovery of greater than 80% of all nucleated white cells, representing more than 5X over baseline BMA levels, with flexibility to deliver 3-12cc of BMC, based on the user’s requirements.

According to Dan Crane, President of APEX Biologix, “We have been on a mission to deliver quality regenerative medicine products at an affordable price. We are excited to bring this new kit to the market. XCELL BMC provides the supplies and technology to maximize total nucleated cell concentration for half the cost of many comparable systems. APEX will be selling these kits for 25-60% less than other BMC systems that produce similar or even inferior results.”

APEX Biologix is a national leader in providing a wide variety of regenerative medicine products, including allograft products, as well as BMC and PRP concentration systems. For more information about XCELL BMC or our other products, contact APEX Biologix at (844) 897-4910 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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