APEX Biologix: The release of its new Class II FDA approved XCELL PRP system.

APEX Biologix: The release of its new Class II FDA approved XCELL PRP system.

Salt Lake City, Utah, April 8, 2019 – Today, APEX Biologix formally announced the launch of their next generation and newly refined platelet rich plasma system under the 510 K number BK180252. 

This PRP system was designed and then modified, based on the feedback of numerous physicians who wanted a product that was easy to process and affordable, yet also produced top-quality results.

“A single operator can manage it. We’ve been very happy with the ease of use and have saved a significant amount of time on preparation. I’ve also noticed that the plasma and red blood cell line is  clean, and we don’t ever get a flash of the red blood cells into our PRP,” said Marc Musson, MD, XCELL PRP client.

The uniquely engineered concentrating device helps shorten total processing times and reduce human error compared to other systems on the market. The effective PRP system and improved processing steps maximize platelet concentration numbers while providing control over the total volume and type of PRP solution generated. This new system can produce both leukocyte-rich and leukocyte-poor PRP.

Another APEX Biologix client, Brad Aylor, MD, who’s been pleased with the XCELL PRP system said, “With other systems, I’m concerned about the potential damage to the platelets, so it’s very important that it’s a sterile product, that it’s a high-quality product, and that it’s reproducible. Those are the things that you’re looking for so you can continue to get the results you’re expecting.”

35 back-to-back patient samples from an independent lab show that XCELL PRP generates, on average, a platelet enrichment of 8.93 times base, with over 7.5 billion platelets per 6.5 ML dosage. Despite XCELL PRP’s impressive results, APEX Biologix sells these kits for 25-60% less than nearly all PRP systems that claim similar test results.

“My satisfaction is the patient’s satisfaction. My patients are getting better. Our focus for our treatments is function, mobility, and quality of life, and as long as those are going in the right direction, I’m really pleased with this system,” said Dwight Legget, MD, a long-standing client of APEX Biologix.

APEX Biologix is a national leader in providing a wide variety of regenerative medicine products to medical practices, including allograft vials, BMAC, and PRP systems. For more information about XCELL PRP or our other systems contact APEX Biologix at (844) 897-4910 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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