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APEX Biologoix was founded in 2014 with the mission to give independent practices the education, resources, and superior tools and products they need to provide quality regenerative medicine services.

You can be assured that APEX Biologix has tirelessly scrutinized every regenerative medicine product prior to addition to our portfolio. Ranging from our industry standard XCELL Platelet-Rich Plasma system, XCELL Bone Marrow Concentrating system, to a host of allogenic acellular products, we strive to give physicians the highest quality options for their practice and patients.

It will take a collective approach by all physicians and industry partners who have sincere motives to advance regenerative medicine forward. As the science and research behind regenerative medicine improves, Apex Biologix will be there to provide up-to-date science, practice development, and regulatory guidance to help you maintain a robust and sound practice. Our team is honored to be part of that mission to provide regenerative medicine healthcare to you and your patients.

Let us know how APEX Biologix can help you better serve your patients.


Richard Rosenthal, MD
George Chang Chien, DO

Richard Rosenthal, MD

George Chang Chien, DO

George Chang Chien, DO

George Chang Chien, DO

Our Mission

APEX Biologix is a complete resource for regenerative medicine, providing physicians specialized training, comprehensive business services, and premier supplies to improve their practices and enhance the lives of the patients they treat.

Our Core Values


A commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other


Striving to discover new technologies and services to further promote regenerative medicine


Always doing the right thing


Always showing dedication with enthusiasm



APEX Founded

APEX Biologix is launched and starts distribution of Regenerative Products.



Product Manufacturer

APEX Biologixs starts developing it's own devices.


FDA Approval

APEX Biologix gets FDA Approval on it's very own PRP Kit.



Europe Launch

APEX Biologix branches out into Europe.


Veterinarian Launch

APEX Biologix expands its protfolio and successfully launches regenerative products within the Veterinarian space.




APEX Biologix establishes partnership through new investment by Desert Highlands Regenerative.


An industry leader, we are dedicated to the science and research of regenerative medicine and its potential by supplying physicians with the best products on the market to treat their patients.

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