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RegenVET by APEX Biologoix was founded in with the mission of enhancing veterinary medicine through regenerative therapies, and provide pet owners access to these transformative treatments.  We strive to put regenerative medicine within reach of every type of veterinary practice.  Our system provides the highest grade products that are easy to use at a remarkably affordable price.​

You can be assured that RegenVET has tirelessly scrutinized every regenerative medicine product prior to addition to our portfolio. Ranging from our industry standard XCELL Platelet-Rich Plasma system, XCELL Bone Marrow Concentrating system and Protein Concentrate we strive to give veterinarians the highest quality options for their practice and patients.  ​

Our goal is to give independent practices the education, resources, and superior tools and products they need to provide quality regenerative medicine services​.


An industry leader, we are dedicated to the science and research of regenerative medicine and its potential by supplying physicians with the best products on the market to treat their patients.

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