APEX Biologix, LLC Partnership with Physicians Success RX, LLC

APEX Biologix, LLC Partnership with Physicians Success RX, LLC

Salt Lake City, Utah, December 1, 2017 – Representatives from APEX Biologix, LLC are pleased to announce their new partnership with the medical business experts at Physicians Success RX. 

To complement the free business services APEX Biologix provides to its clientele, this partnership with Physicians Success RX will offer specialized business consulting services and marketing strategies to clients ready to grow their regenerative medicine practices.

Christy Davies, of Physicians Success RX, has been an integral part of growing APEX Biologix and their clients’ medical practices with the implementation and growth of regenerative medicine. Her success and experience in business have helped her to provide focused strategic programs proven to be effective within the regenerative medicine industry.

President of APEX Biologix, Dan Crane said, “The regenerative medicine industry is growing rapidly and the importance of ethical marketing to remain competitive is vital to our client’s success. The reason why we’re thrilled to partner with Physicians Success RX is because they provide the necessary support and services that can take a practice to the next level.”

Christy Davies, the VP of Business Development of Apex since its inception has worked side by side with physicians in growing their cash practices. This is the next best step in further solidifying the foothold in building regenerative medicine practices and having a healthy balance between both insurance and cash-based practices. This is an exciting time for providers wanting to gain some control of their businesses and focus on what’s best for patients, not what’s best for the insurance companies.

APEX Biologix is a full-service regenerative medicine company which serves North America, supplying physicians with the necessary tools and resources to successfully provide regenerative treatments to their patients. To learn more about Physicians Success RX as well as review client testimonials visit www.PhysiciansSuccessRX.com.



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